Statement of Philosophy

  1. We the nursing faculty members of Sumantai Wasnik Institute of Nursing Nagpur, consider it our utmost responsibility to render high standard of nursing education the nursing student to make them valuable members of the society.
  2. We the staff of this institute are of the opinion that B.Sc. Nursing Course is a formal, professional educational course in nursing which is to be conducted in accordance with the accepted educational principles.
  3. We the teaching staff of this college believe that it is our duty to create an environment which is conducive to learning in this nursing institution and be aware of the fact that individuals vary in their capacity and ability to learn. Also that each student of basic B.Sc. Nursing Course should be given the responsibility for his or her own learning to quite an extent.
  4. We the staff of this college follow strictly the new syllabus prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council and those who meet all the admission requirements and criteria for admission will be admitted into the course.
  5. The nursing administrative personnel of this college are having the idea that the basic nursing student should be rendered professional as well as general education; hence a lot of subjects are included in the curriculum.
  6. We accept that the nursing students should be provided health means of recreation to use their leisure time.
  7. We plan that the basic nursing students will be given the full freedom to practice their religion.
  8. We accept that the basic nursing students should be given sufficient learning experiences in the fields of clinical (hospitals), community education, teaching, administration and theory.
  9. We the teachers at Sumantai Wasnik Institute of Nursing Nagpur believe that it is necessary that the basic nursing students recognize the teaching functions of the nurse and that all the good qualities of a nurse should be engraved into the character of the nursing students.
  10. We the nursing teachers of the Sumantai Wasnik Institute of Nursing Nagpur regard it out aim to help the basic nursing students develop great heed towards the nursing profession and should strive to improve the image of nursing in the society through persevere efforts throughout their life time.

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